At Bight:

We hold a strong conviction in our mission because it is our way to make a dent in this world. We believe it is one of our duties to attract and retain the best talent the tech market has to offer. Our developer friendly culture and sense of unified purpose make us unique in the technology eco-system. If you believe you have what it takes to be a Bighter, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form and we will be looking forward to talking with you.

What does it mean to be a Bighter?

  • We prioritize customers: Customers first team members second and shareholders third. Because we focus on our customer more than on our competitors, we at Bight start with the customer and work backward.
  • We own it: We invent, own, and simplify. We invent and require everyone in our teams to do so. We also, own the result of our innovation whether we do well or make mistakes.
  • We move with speed and conviction: We rely on our business judgments, but we like to be challenged in our decisions. We challenge, disagree, and then commit.
  • We hire A players and build great leaders out of them: A players will always think big, create the highest standards, and commit to them. That what makes Bight grows. Bight only grows when Bighters grow from learning, experience, and knowledge. When Bighters stop growing Bight will die.
  • We do more with less: Less and very dedicated Bighters is better than more Bighters who are less dedicated. That is why we are resourceful in time and money.
  • We have a bais to take actions: Taking actions and making mistakes is better than taking no actions at all.
  • None of us is shallow: We are connected to all levels and pay attention to details. No task is out of our attention.
  • We earn the trust of others: We do by listening with open-minds, embrace the value of risk-taking, and engage in constructive confrontation.
  • We always deliver: We overcome obstacles to keep our promises despite all setbacks.
  • Our lives and work do not make a zero sum game: That is why we believe in work life harmony rather than work life balance because we believe in a meaningful mission.